Start comparing yourself to others!

2019-10-15 17:00:00

When comparing yourself to others is helpful!

One thing that was major aha-moment in what made me feel depressed instead of encouraged was that I always compared myself to other people. This was both to people I knew but also with successful people I read about in media. So is then all comparison wrong? With what I know now it’s not totally wrong. 

But instead of comparing myself to everyone looking successful in social media I realised that I could instead choose a couple of role models that I should copy as much as I can. People whose story and values I knew a little about, not only their success but also the price they paid for that success. 

Eventually, the people that I admire would be Oprah or Charles XII of Sweden. Not some guy, whose Instagram account is flawless and following online is great but no one would follow anywhere in real life. So yeah comparison could work, as long as I made a conscious decision who to compare myself too.

So who do you wanna compare yourself too and learn from?

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