Leading employees that are experts and are more knowledgeable than you are. 

2019-10-31 08:20:00

Leading employees that are experts and are more knowledgeable than you are - by Rozze Baleng.

Through a workshop last week we could point out three basic tips that will work for that company, a tech company with a visionary leader, a great CFO and two inspiring founders.

1. Accept your role as a leader.

It is important that you accept that you do not know everything and that you have employees who have a higher level of knowledge than you. The general is not the best sniper but the best commander, and the best commander is someone people will follow. 

This insight also leads to you not micromanaging your team but instead being curious - people are keen on talking about their struggles and how they have or will overcome challenges if you listen.

2. Establish strong and practical values 

This point is about giving a lot of responsibility as well as having confidence in your employees' knowledge and ability.

The tech company in question soon realised that they needed to trust that their employees know what they are doing. They decided to establish confidence, accountability and trust as their values. They also went one easy, but so important, step further. Their values were explained in a way so that every employee could see how to practice them in their daily work and when interacting with customers, colleagues and suppliers.

3. Work with the leadership culture

In a way, strong and practical values can stand in as a sort of guiding “leader” when the physical leader is away. Even if you do not know everything about the employee's tasks, it is important to work with a coaching leadership. 

The tech company decided after out workshop that I should coach an executive of the company in how to hold effective and goal-oriented ten-minute coaching sessions with his colleagues and employees. They realized that this tool alone if used right, will have a dramatical effect on the day to day work of the company. In this way, the executive would have time to routinely check-in shortly with every employee on a biweekly basis - a new practice which would be sustainable, fun and effective.


This is just three basic steps, if you want to change your organization to reach its full potential and maximize performance, you may book a free 30-minute strategy session so that we could go through how business coaching can help you.

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