How giving away "free" stuff will make you more money!

2019-10-17 15:00:00

When selling "free" stuff will make you more money, a better product and more clients

One of the biggest problems my business coaching clients face is the one regarding sales. They don’t see themselves as salespeople, “I’m an artist”, “I’m a designer”, “I have majored in Business”. You get it. 

The secret is that sales really isn’t about sales or selling. It’s your first chance to present yourself as an artist or designer or whatever. And you can do that by giving the potential client something that they really need, and you can do it for free! The free help giveaway is actually you doing marketing and trying out your product or service. 

So what was one client's solution then, I'll break it down to these three steps or tips:

First off: She reframed selling. “Hmm When I think about t’s really advertising and consulting in one. It’s about being curious and listening to my clients’ needs.” I love it!!

Secondly: She prepared herself by offering a free two-hour consultancy package of her service. 

And this is only if you’re new in the business or your service could be hard to grasp however needed it might be. I mean if you’re a hairstylist everyone knows what they’re buying - don’t give away free haircuts without getting something in return if it’s not money.

And thirdly and most importantly: She immediately scheduled a feedback appointment after she had delivered her service. That appointment is crucial for her because then she got either feedback on how to improve her service or what everyone wants: an offer right away. 

And this didn’t cost her more than two hours of “free work”, she even reframed that: “Well this is all training and getting better anyways”. Just beautiful!


If you feel that you’d like business coaching, but first want to have a chat about, you are welcome to book a free 30-minute strategy session with me.

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