How being friendly gets you paid!

2019-10-11 17:00:00

How being friendly instead of nice gets you paid!

The first step or issue that we addressed with my therapist was the one concerning money. Until then in my life, I used to put other people’s needs before my own. And when it comes to client’s there’s a saying: The client is always right, huh? 

Well, it may be so in a lot of the cases. For example when you’re trying to find out what the typical client needs and what they’re prepared to pay for the service or product. Making out your target group or ideal client avatar so to speak.

I used to go about it the wrong way: I always put other peoples needs first, sometimes even if they hadn’t asked me. A good example is when someone asked me to help them with legal matters and I used to tell them: well the normal fee is 200$ an hour and the matter should take between 15 to 20 hours. But for you, since we know each other from whatever I’ll do it for 100$ per hour and you’ll need to pay only for 10-12 hours. This dysfunctional behaviour eventually took its toll on my economy, my relationships and my health. 

But you still want to help others consistently, that’s cool. But to be able to help others, you must first be able to help yourself, no? 

I see this with a couple of my coaching clients too, and I think it’s quite a common trait out there: we’re being nice instead of friendly. Being nice is putting yourself above others and above your own health. Being friendly on the other hand means acting like a friend, both towards yourself and others.

So what are you doing on a daily basis to clients or people around you, being nice or friendly?

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