My story in short

I was the first child in an immigrant family from Iran. In Sweden, I grew up in a troubled neighbourhood where drugs and violence where common commodities, where I saw families struggle to survive.

After high school, I went to the University of Lund where I studied to received a Masters Degree in Law. I also studied behavioural sciences and later on I've taken courses in positive psychology, therapeutic counselling, and coaching. I started working as a real estate developer for a number of years before I left for adventures abroad.

After a short séjour in Barcelona; Spain, where I worked in the PR industry and did some modelling, I came back home to Stockholm to become an entrepreneur.

At the age of 29, I started a number of companies and worked very hard for some years. Some companies went well, others did not. I had a lot of employees as well as partners that were a part of my companies.  I started abusing drugs, working long, exhausting hours every day of the week and was even on the verge of developing a full out sex addiction when an angel in form of my wife entered into my life.

I started to go to therapy and a 12-step program to face the demons of my life so far. Later on, I also went to coaching which was a powerful experience. In the year 2019, I quit my job as Business Strategist and Head of Communications for an investment company with over a billion dollars in assets. My true calling is contributing to the world through my experience.

So. If your company and, most important - you, are ready for more effectiveness, faster and consistent results as well as a positive transformation within leadership, business strategy and communications, then I'm your guy.

My values

Underpromise and over deliver. Be honest. Do not take things personally. Do your best. Be clear about your intentions. Be patient and vulnerable.


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